Leaders are Learners

It's been quite a while since I created a post on this blog.  Something caught my attention today and I was inspired to share it through my blog.  Most of my posts relate to leadership.  Not because I hold myself [...]

Are Great Leaders Lean?

To most people, the concept of becoming "lean" connotes having less or doing more with less.  For example, I am 35 pounds leaner than I was fifteen months ago.  My company is managing more associations today with fewer employees than [...]

Leadership traits

In our past blog posts, we have looked into the qualities of a successful leader; and the behaviors we find relatable with good leadership. Today, we want to share another important subject: positive leadership traits. What are leadership traits? It [...]

Do Smartphones Hurt Your Leadership Ability?

I've often wondered if I could be a better leader if I was less connected to email, google, news feeds and apps through my smartphone.  I try not to be rude about my smartphone use.  I try hard to not [...]

Leadership Lists

We've all seen them.  Some of us have written them.  I'm talking about lists...not grocery lists or to-do lists.  I'm talking about the tenets of leadership lists. I love reading other people's tenets of leadership lists.  I like what those [...]

Good Leaders Know They are Role Models

NBA great and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley once famously said, "I am not a role model".  I like Sir Charles and even can understand his point to a certain extent - I think he was trying to let [...]

20 Mantras Great Leaders Live By

I came across a great blog posting recently related to - you guessed it - Leadership. What a cool story this blogger has to tell about their grandfather and the 20 Mantras of Great Leaders he developed through a business [...]

Don’t Be an Idea Killer

Many times leaders are presented with ideas by their teammates.  How they respond to these ideas separates the good leaders from the bad leaders. Think for a minute about how you responded the last time an idea was presented to you [...]

Good Leaders Understand the Value of the Team

I recently read an article published in the New York Times about how IBM develops new ideas through a collaborative team effort.  You can read it here. A critical value most successful teams have is TRUST.  When members of a [...]

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