Plan, manage and excel.

Board and Committee Management Services

Your board and committees set the strategic direction and goals for your association — and have enough on their plates already. Just establishing a clear, comprehensive agenda takes focus.

Let our diligent board and committee management services ease any headaches that could distract you from leading your association.

We provide these board and committee management services, among others:

  • Leadership and guidance
  • Consensus development
  • Agenda creation
  • Meeting coordination
  • Antitrust experience
  • Meeting minute-taking

With streamlined operations, leadership experience and solid documentation, your board and committees are free to use their time efficiently.

Our team works alongside you and stays up to date on the latest board and committee developments.

Strategic and Operational Planning Services

Managing a successful association requires input from your members, leadership, board and more.

You need clarity in strategy and operations to get where you want to be with the resources you have. “Planning” is a plain word that includes many tasks — and they’re not always apparent.

Our strategic and operational planning services simplify your association’s vision and goals:

  • Survey creation, distribution, collection and analysis
  • Leadership meeting management
  • Leadership training
  • Mission, strategy and goals development and facilitation
  • Operational and budget planning to achieve your strategic plan

Our team members know how to handle the planning process expertly from start to finish.

As a result, our association client partners know their mission and stay focused on achieving it in everything they do.

Only about 75 out of 500-plus AMCs are AMC Institute-accredited.
We’re one of them.

Project Management Services

Once you set your sights on an association initiative, you enter the project management stage.

It’s another hill to climb altogether — and not necessarily an easy one.

Our management services help your association excel at any project, major to minor:

  • Milestone identification and task planning to achieve your projects
  • SMART goal development
  • Project and event timeline management

Our team plans your projects and keeps you updated along the road to excellence. Meanwhile, we keep your mission, goals and plans at the forefront.

We accommodate and streamline whatever your project requires.

Financial and Accounting Services

Your association’s funds and resources are your most important asset. And of course, they’re crucial to achieving your short- and long-term goals.

Our financial and accounting services keep your association’s records, expenditures and revenue in line:

  • Full-service financial management
  • Accredited financial and accounting procedures

Your association rests easy knowing that experts who follow accredited procedures painstakingly care for your finances. And upon your board’s approval, our experts audit your finances annually.

Our financial and accounting services provide the checks and balances your association needs to protect its financial resources.

Associations that partner with AMCs have an average first-year total revenue increase of nearly 10%.

Why Executive Leadership Services Are Crucial for Your Association

Managing board and committees. Planning meetings and events. Organizing and implementing projects successfully. Accounting that doesn’t miss a dime.

These are enormous tasks for your association and demand skill, knowledge and attention to detail. Second-guessing isn’t an option.

Our executive services offer your association leadership peace of mind and more time to focus on your association’s mission.

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Why CM Services Is Your Ideal AMC

Most of all, you rest assured in our integrity and our focus on your association’s singularly spectacular results.

Our 90-Day Guarantee

We promise to prove that CM Services is the best association management company (AMC) for your association. If at any time in the first 90 days of partnership you’re not happy with our work, we will refund 50% of your fees and help you find a new AMC.