What is an AMC?

Association Management Companies, or AMCs, are professional services firms providing shared resources and proven practices to deliver value to associations, their volunteer leadership and their members. The AMC industry has existed for over 100 years but only in the last 20 years has the industry become well known. Today, AMCs partner with over 5,000 associations worldwide.

Why partner with an AMC?

AMC employees are specialists in the day to day operations for their associations – including planning meetings, tradeshow production, certification development, advocacy, standards development, membership and more. These employees provide leadership and direction in important program areas.

Volunteer leaders are just that, volunteers. AMCs allow association leaders to make the most of their time commitment by focusing on strategic and policy issues, instead of human resources and administration. AMCs reduce the liability of their association partners since the association doesn’t need to have employees, office space and other costly overhead. This allows associations to invest their money on other items that will directly create value to the association and its members.

How do AMCs deliver their services?

AMCs typically provide services in two models: the full-service model and the contracted service model. In the full-service model, the AMC serves as the staff for the association. The AMC’s office is the association’s headquarters; the AMC’s employees deliver services to the association and its members.

In the contracted services model, the AMC delivers “a la carte” services to the association and does not serve as the association’s staff. In this example, the association might contract with the AMC to plan a meeting or produce a tradeshow, lobby the government, publish a magazine, etc.

Our 90 Day Guarantee

We promise to prove that CM Services is the best Association Management Company (AMC) for your association. If at any time in the first 90 days of partnership you’re not happy with our work, we will refund 50% of your fees and help you find a new AMC.

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