What is an AMC?

Association management companies, or AMCs, are professional services firms providing shared resources and proven practices that deliver value to associations, their volunteer leadership and their members.

For over a century, the association management industry has evolved, becoming best-known in recent decades for successfully optimizing operations within associations.

Today, AMCs partner with more than 5,000 associations and have proven to add value, expert insights and best management practices to associations around the world.

Why partner with an AMC?

AMC employees are specialists in the day-to-day operations of their associations — including planning meetings, trade show production, certification development, advocacy, standards development, membership and more. These employees provide leadership and direction in important program areas.

Volunteer leaders are just that: volunteers. Association management companies allow volunteer leaders to make the most of their time commitment by focusing on strategic and policy issues instead of human resources, administration and programming. 

Additionally, AMCs reduce the liability of their association partners because the association doesn’t need to have employees, office space and other costly overhead. This allows associations to invest their money on other items that create value directly in the association and its members.

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How do AMCs deliver their services?

Association management companies typically provide services in two models: the full-service model and the contracted service model. In the full-service model, the AMC serves as staff for the association. 

The AMC’s office is the association’s headquarters, and the AMC’s employees provide services to the association and its members.

In the contracted services model, the AMC delivers unique services to the association and does not serve exclusively as the association’s staff. 

In this model, the association might contract with the AMC to plan a meeting or produce a tradeshow, lobby the government or publish a magazine.

Benefits of AMCs 

The AMC Institute (AMCI) notes that “Association Management Companies (AMCs) are for-profit businesses that manage associations to help them grow and prosper.” 

A relevant AMCI survey shares a comparison among associations working with AMCs and others not using AMC resources. Associations with AMC support experienced a 10% net profit increase and more revenue overall than associations without AMC support. 

When working with experienced AMC professionals, an association can experience an array of benefits: 

  • Associations can explore greater opportunities with AMC assistance.
  • In addition to optimized operations, associations and AMCs with shared resources and expert AMC employees see a higher success rate within their organization. 
  • Associations gain access to additional staff and financial support from AMC experts who help guide and share creative insights.
  • AMCs prioritize best practices that ensure your partnership’s success. 
  • Associations experience increased financial flexibility with resources and support from an AMC.

CM Services 

For 45 years, CM Services has helped associations create innovative opportunities that optimize their success. We have an experienced team and understanding of the best practices that ensure the optimal management of your association. 

Our services follow a simple business philosophy — partnership. With long-term relationships and cohesive goals, our partnerships have exceeded expectations since 1977.

Some of our services include: 

MembershipAll aspects of association membership, including recruitment, retention, dues invoicing and benefits management.

EventsCoordination of association meetings, events and trade shows, including venues, content, marketing and on-site production to post-event follow-up.

MarketingDevelopment of creative campaigns, branding and a marketing plan to engage your members and prospective audience.

Website and DatabaseAccess to our established partnerships, with database and website providers suited to your needs.

Strategic and Operational Planning We can assist with the development of your association’s strategies and goals and implement a one-year operational plan, complete with SMART goals and a budget.

Board ManagementDefine agendas, coordinate meetings, manage recruitment, standards and codes development, publications, advocacy and volunteer programs and take minutes for each meeting.

Let us help manage your association with our extensive experience and expert employees. 

Contact us today to discuss the many benefits of working with CM Services in greater detail!

Our 90 Day Guarantee

We promise to prove that CM Services is the best association management company (AMC) for your association. If at any time in the first 90 days of partnership you’re not happy with our work, we will refund 50% of your fees and help you find a new AMC.