Making Meetings Productive

I participate in many meetings - in fact, every day I am involved in one or more meetings of one kind or another. There are staff meetings, conference calls, webinars, committee and task force meetings, board meetings, conferences, trade shows, [...]

Teamwork Tips

I spent last week at the Annual Meeting and tradeshow of one of our association partners.  The meeting and show were a success - despite the economy. Honestly I was a little worried going into the meeting.  The leadership has [...]

Great Customer Service Leads to Loyal Customers

My job requires me to travel a lot.  I see many hotels all over the country.  I am loyal to certain hotel brands. What makes me loyal to those brands?  It's not the quality of the beds, its not the [...]

Virtual Meetings Haven’t Taken Over Yet

Several years ago, shortly after the internet was invented, the association and hospitality industries were very worried they would become dinosaurs because people no longer needed to meet in person.  I must admit as we all have more demands in [...]

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