What Books Should Leaders Read?

By |Published On: June 24, 2013|

I like to read (though admittedly I devote less time to it than I would like).  Personally, I like historical fiction and biographies.  I like to read about what led the leaders of the past to make the decisions they did – sometimes shaping the world we now live in.

I also enjoy reading “business” and “leadership” books occasionally.  Mostly I read them out of guilt or peer pressure though, not because I want to.

So, I found this recent post very interesting.

In the post, the author, a leadership expert himself, points out the great leadership lessons that can be learned from reading.  Not the traditional – “How to be a great leader” books, but from reading fiction.

I was particularly interested to learn about the leadership lessons he took from reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  As a result of the article, I have found the next book I plan to read — Replay.

Check out the article and if you can think of any, reply to this blog with a book you’ve read that provided unexpected leadership lessons to you.


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