Remembering Volunteers and Leaders

By |Published On: May 29, 2012|

This weekend was Memorial Day.

Memorial Day isn’t just a three day weekend, an extra day off of work or school. Memorial Day is a day we remember and recognize the volunteers, the leaders who died in service of our country.

Just about everyone has a friend or relative who died fighting for or has served in the military protecting the freedoms we hold so dear, yet so often take for granted.

Take a minute to think of those you know who have served. When I think about those I know, there are a few clear qualities they all possess: passion, dedication and commitment. Aren’t these also qualities of great leaders?

I don’t think this is a coincidence. It takes a special person to volunteer to serve on behalf of one’s country, to protect our freedoms and to do so knowing the great possibility they may die while serving. These people are leaders we can learn from.

I am so proud of these people and so grateful for their dedication and service for our country, for our states, for our cities, for our families. I enjoy talking to them about what they experienced and how it shaped their lives. After all, what they have done has certainly shaped ours.  Another mark of a leader.

If you have served in any capacity protecting our way of life, THANK YOU.

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