Great Partnerships are Built on Values

By |Published On: May 3, 2010|

There are many kinds of partnerships in life – friendships, marriages, customer-supplier relationships, employee-employee relationships and more. All of these “partnerships” can be complicated but at the same time very enriching. For these partnerships to be successful, certain values must be present and respected in both parties.

I think those values are:

1. Trust each other
2. Be committed to each other
3. Act respectfully and responsibly
4. Care for each other
5. Grow together and find Enjoyment in the relationship

It is difficult for anyone to live these values in all their “partnerships” daily. I am convinced however, in order for people to achieve greatness and happiness, they must strive to achieve these values.

What value or values do you find in successful partnerships? Would you add a new value to the list? We’ll be happy to read your thoughts.

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