Great Leadership Bloggers

By |Published On: July 3, 2012|

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know it’s mostly about leadership. Leadership is a tricky subject. There are many “experts” on leadership – some self appointed, others earned.

No two philosophies on leadership are identical. Leadership is not a science – it’s an art. There can be many interpretations about what characteristics make great leaders, just as there can be many interpretations about what makes a particular piece of art, or an artist, great.

One key I’ve learned over the years is that most great leaders, truly sustaining leaders, lead through service. That is, they serve the people who follow them, not the other way around.

Think about that concept and think about the great leaders you have known. Were they servants? I bet in many ways they were.

One more thing I wanted to discuss today – I came across a list of “The 25 Best Leadership Bloggers” recently. (Of course I was surprised my name escaped the list) But that discretion aside, the list looked very interesting to me. Several names I knew and several I did not.

I plan to spend some time reviewing some of the blog materials produced by these leadership experts. I know they will all have different points of view on what makes great leaders but I bet several will mention service as one of the keys.

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