Are You Too Connected?

By |Published On: September 18, 2013|

I am too connected.

Not in the Godfather sense but in the wireless device sense.

I have too many gadgets (iphone, ipad, laptop, etc) and those gadgets have created a need in me to constantly check email, texts, social media and more to understand what’s going on around me.

I read an interesting article today about someone who decided to “dis-connect” for 24 hours.  Read the article here.

I don’t know that I am able to walk away from all my connections for 24 hours.  However, I am committing to stop checking my devices during meals, family time and while meeting with others.

I think I’ll feel a little uneasy at times – sitting in a meeting while waiting for that important email to come through – but in the end I’ll be giving others the respect they deserve and maybe taking a little pressure off myself.

Do you think you could give up your smartphone for 24 hours?

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