What will your Association look like in 10 years?

By |Published On: October 30, 2011|

As an association management professional and a business person, I spend time thinking about and planning for the future. I’m sure you do this in your business as well.

For example, you try to imagine what kinds of products/services your customers will want in ten years so you can position your company to deliver them.

I wonder what associations will look like in ten years so I can determine how we can best be positioned to meet and exceed their needs and the needs of their members. Here are some of my thoughts, I’d love to hear some of yours.

1. Volunteer time will be at an even greater premium than it is now. (We will all be busier and finding time to devote to an association will be even harder than it is today)
2. Technology will be used more significantly and more often to communicate with and among volunteers.
3. Associations will have to become the social networks of their profession or industry to remain relevant.
4. Face to face meetings of members will be less frequent AND more important.
5. Associations will have a more difficult time focusing on their mission with demands from members, volunteer leaders and the industries/professions they represent increasing.
6. Associations may find their not for profit tax status under siege as governments struggle to develop additional revenue sources.

Although I see many challenges down the road for associations, I see their continued existence as a necessity. People and businesses are going to need help in the future more than ever before and associations positioned to fulfill the constantly changing needs of their members will thrive.

What do you think?

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