There is no “I” in Team

By |Published On: November 21, 2011|

Remember the old saying “There is no ‘I’ in Team”?

I love this saying – in other words, for teams or organizations to succeed it takes more than one successful person.  I recently read a Harvard Business Review blog posting that reminded me of this concept.  Click here to read the posting.

What greater example is there of this concept than the 2011 Indianapolis Colts.  This is a team that has defined success in the National Football League for many years.  This year, with one major change to their team (their quarterback is out for the season) they aren’t just under-performing, they are FAILING.

How do businesses make sure their team doesn’t fail because one key player can no longer perform?  Build your team around many successful people – not one great player and several mediocre ones. Seems simple enough.

But how does one do this?  The leadership of the organization has to make one of their top priorities recruitment and retention of key performers.  Job descriptions should be clearly defined.  Employment testing and personality testing should be used to make sure the right people are being selected and that they are assigned to the right positions.  (See Jim Collins’ Good to Great concept of the right people in the right seats on the bus)

It’s not easy.  Missteps will be made.  One thing is for sure though – if organizations don’t make a concerted effort to build a successful team of people, when their key employee leaves (and he/she will leave), the organization will suffer.  Many times organizations can’t survive these departures.

Make sure your team WINS!

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