The Language of Leaders

By |Published On: November 7, 2011|

I recently came across a blog posting about the language of leadership. I think this author makes some excellent points about the “languages” great leaders need to learn to speak. After reading it, think about one great leader you have known – did he or she speak all three languages? What about a leader you have known that wasn’t so great – which language(s) did he or she NOT speak? Did he/ she work on it?

The leadership languages are the different ways we communicate our leadership style, I think this is a great reminder on how to maximize your leadership goals.

The three qualities he expresses as “languages” are:

  1. Agility

  2. Authenticity

  3. Empathy

Click here to review the post. What do you think about these languages? Based on the leaders you know, do you agree? Although they may seem basic, they can be learned and they can always be improved.

Enjoy thinking about the language of leaders!

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