Teams Reflect Their Leaders

By |Published On: November 20, 2012|

We often discuss in this blog that companies are like teams.  Successful teams have strategic and inspiring coaching; efficient and hard-working playing and outrageous fans.

I submit to you that companies have those same traits – strategic and inspiring CEOs; efficient and hard-working employees; and outrageous customers.  (At least we hope our customers are outrageous about the products and services we deliver them).

While teams are like companies in this regard, there are many other similarities.  One such similarity is that both teams and companies reflect the attitude and often the personality of their leader.

This past weekend I spent a day at a high school aged men’s volleyball tournament.  I noticed that when one team got down by four points, their coach sat on the bench with her head in her hands.  The men on the court reflected that coach’s attitude.  They looked lethargic, they played poorly and after every play they looked at the floor.

On the other hand, I noticed a team that got down by four points and their coach called a timeout.  The coach didn’t yell and scream at the team for playing poorly.  Instead, she obviously pointed out a few things they were doing well.  She acknowledged a few things they needed to improve and suggested they focus on their strengths.  She encouraged them and told them she knew they could succeed.  Her team didn’t walk back on the court looking at the floor.  They ran onto the court ready to win!

I think companies are like teams in this regard too.  I notice when I have a bounce in my step at the office, my team does as well.  I notice when I react to bad news or mistakes with words of encouragement and acknowledge my teammate can do better, they do.  On the other hand, on those occasions I react harshly or have a negative attitude, my teammates give up.

What kind of leader are you?  Remember, your attitude reflect on your team – have a GREAT one!

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