Rejuvenate Your Leadership

By |Published On: April 9, 2012|

Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Flowers and plants begin to bud after a (usually) long cold winter; America’s favorite past-time, baseball, begins; College students from around the country travel to warm weather and beaches to celebrate; Christian and Jewish faithful celebrate Easter and Passover.  These are all signs of Spring to me.

In our businesses we often experience long, cold winters. We often get off the path of our mission. We often let outside factors we cannot control, control us and our priorities.

When this “winter” begins to creep up on you, I urge you to find Spring. Find a way to rejuvenate or re-birth your leadership. Re-focus your energy on your mission and key strategies. Go back to the basics of leadership – talk to your people every day – don’t just sit in your closed door office focused on doing your “work”; engage your people – find out what their needs are, help them to overcome their challenges; keep your people focused on the mission of your company and the key strategies you have established – remember if it’s easy for you to lose focus it might be even easier for them.

While Spring may come around once a year as a good reminder for us to rejuvenate and refocus, it is my experience we need this kind of reminder more often than once a year. I suggest you set a tickler in your calendar to celebrate the arrival of Spring in your business quarterly.

What do you think?  How often do you celebrate the arrival of spring in your business?

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