Labor Day

By |Published On: September 6, 2011|

Welcome back from your Labor Day rest! Hope you said a fond “good-bye” (unofficially) to summer. It’s time to get back to work.

Labor Day is the US federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September to recognize the economic and social contributions of workers to society. When initially founded, Labor Day was intended to celebrate the contributions of labor and trade workers, typically members of unions.

In our society today, we don’t seem to think of the holiday as a celebration of the contributions of workers. We think of it more as the “back to school” holiday or the “end of summer” holiday.

As a business or association leader, I challenge you to allow this reminder of the origins of Labor Day to change your focus.

Our employee partners are the people that make our companies work. Whether they are truly “laborers” or whether they work in offices, their contributions not only matter, they  keep our companies running and provide value to our customers.

Thanks to all the employee partners of CM Services and of all companies and organizations out there making a difference every day. I was thinking about you yesterday.

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