Keys to Long Term Partnerships

By |Published On: August 23, 2011|

My company, CM Services, Inc. The Association Partnership Company, has focused its entire business model on developing long term partnerships with associations. We’ve been doing this for more than thirty five years. We have always believed the keys to developing successful partnerships are mutually practicing certain values. Our values are:

1. Be trustworthy
2. Commit ourselves to each other, our company and the industries we serve
3. Act responsibly
4. Care about others
5. Grow every day
6. Have fun

We know our success as a business is tied directly to our values and the way we practice them.

I recently read an article from Entrepreneur magazine that caught my eye. It was titled, “Building a Business Partnership that Lasts”.  The author of the article sites four key elements to successful partnerships.  Some are the same that we’ve been practicing for thirty five years.  Others are some everyone should consider.  Here they are:

1.  Trust

2.  Mutual Respect

3.  Shared Vision and Values

4.  Honest and Open Communication

Read the whole article.  I think you’ll like it.

Do you have some key elements you practice in successful partnerships?  Let us know what they are.

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