It’s Now a Leader’s Job to Understand Social Media

By |Published On: January 28, 2013|

Great leaders don’t need to know everything about everything.  However, they do need to know something about everything.  Claiming ignorance is not okay anymore for a leader.  What a leader doesn’t know can hurt them and their organization.

Here’s an article demonstrating Why you need social media.

It seems during a Today Show episode, there was a conversation about social media during which the TV reporters (leaders) claimed ignorance regarding social media.  Not only did this make them look bad but it also made them lose credibility with their audience.

Leaders cannot afford to lose credibility. Leaders must strive to increase their credibility daily.

What’s the moral of the story?  Leaders have to work hard to stay on top of issues and trends.  They don’t need to get mired down in the details but they must have an understanding that allows them to make critical strategic decisions for their organization.

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