Creating a Culture of Trust

By |Published On: January 25, 2010|

In a response to a previous blog about Consensus, I was asked about how organizations can reach consensus on controversial issues. My answer was the parties involved in the decision making process need to TRUST each other.  That is not to say that trust alone guarantees parties will reach consensus on all issues.  However, without trust it is certain the parties will never reach consensus.

I’d like to share thoughts on why creating a culture of trust within an organization is vital.

I believe the only way organizations (any organization) can be successful and sustain that success is by creating a culture of trust. That culture must be pervasive throughout the entire organization – among its leaders, its employees, its customers, its suppliers and even the broader community within which the organization operates.

How can that culture be created? Like many things in life, it’s easy to understand but difficult to accomplish. The leaders of the organization must be honest – they must say what they mean and mean what they say. Even when being honest creates challenges for the organization.  When they are, others will recognize it and over time the culture of trust will be established.

Be careful though – one little misstep can cause significant damage to the trust established by any organization.

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