Are You As Productive As You Could Be?

By |Published On: December 18, 2013|

I enjoy reading. In particular I like to read biographies, historical novels, newspapers (on the iPad of course), business publications, blogs, and more.

Unfortunately, I often find I don’t have the time to read all I would like to. I get too busy “working” and allow my reading to take a back seat.

As a result, I often wish there was more time in a day or that I was more productive than I am. But today, I saw an image titled, “How to Be Productive” as part of an article titled, “Get it Done: 35 Habits of the Most Productive People“.

I found the image and its contents particularly interesting.

Several of the suggestions may be things you are already doing.  Some may not be appealing to you.  However, I think everyone can find one or two good suggestions to implement that will result in increased productivity.

Here are a few examples:

  • Limit email replies to one per minute
  • Identify which 20% of your work produces 80% of the results
  • Eliminate trivial decisions like what to wear
  • Don’t participate in meetings unless they are decisive
  • When in doubt, assume you are right.  Decisive is productive

Here are some of the things I do to be most productive:

  • Get up early to plan your day, read and clear your inbox
  • Keep a list of tasks and mark them off as you complete them
  • Give 100% of yourself to your current activity

Hope you enjoy the article and image as much as I did.  What do you do to be most productive?




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