Design, digitize and distribute.

Graphic Design Services

Your association’s imagery reflects and conveys your mission.

Our graphic design services make that imagery strong across your publications, press releases, digital channels and more.

With your close collaboration, our talented in-house graphic designer crafts a full range of targeted styles:

  • Imagery and message collaboration, consultation and research
  • Palette and typography creation
  • Graphic, flyer and logo creation, as well as other images

The results are eye-catching, unique-to-you graphic designs that make a professional impression on your members, potential members and sponsors.

After all, your graphics evoke emotions and prompt action. Our graphic design services allow your association to shine on both fronts.

Only about 75 out of 500-plus AMCs are AMC Institute-accredited.
We’re one of them.

Website and Database Services

Your association’s website, software and technology give you a vital virtual home. Still, maintaining them requires years of know-how and ongoing attention.

Let us take those tasks off your hands.

We tailor our exceptional website and database services to your association’s needs:

  • Website management, including security and performance
  • Database management, including data entry, security and system integration
  • Association management system (AMS) and learning management system (LMS) expertise

We help you manage member data, monitor website traffic, maintain accurate records and much more. Tell us what website and database tools your association needs and currently uses!

Our website and database services pair easily with our graphic design and communications services for cohesive imagery and content.

Communications Services

Your association’s messaging keeps your existing members, prospective members and sponsors in the know. But sometimes finding the right words is a struggle.

Let us create, fine-tune and amplify your communications. Our coordinated communications services allow you to reach more members, online and offline.

Our communications services include an array of efforts:

  • Technical and creative writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Professional printing
  • Digital distribution

From full-scale magazines to organizational announcements, your association’s content allows you to connect with as many members as possible.

And we ensure each sentence skillfully communicates your mission.

Why Your Association Needs Expert Publication Services

Simply maintaining your association’s website takes a ton of work.

Throw in database management, united imagery and matching messaging, and you have a lot more work on your hands. Our publications services free you from doing it yourself or hiring external IT techs, writers and graphic designers.

In other words, we’ve got your publication needs under control — you save time and money (and strain).

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Associations that partner with AMCs have an average first-year total revenue increase of nearly 10%.

Why CM Services Helps Your Association Excel

  • An AMC Institute-accredited organization, we’ve been empowering associations to prosper for nearly five decades.
  • Our diverse team members offer your association a wealth of broad insights, skill sets and capabilities.
  • We follow a careful partnership process. Alongside you, we pinpoint your association’s needs, goals and more.
  • Our varied clients illustrate our dedication to excellence. From professional societies to trade associations to nonprofits, we’re prepared to work with you.
  • Our scope of work includes both in-person and virtual events, publications, webinars, conferences, expos, meetings, programs, workshops and beyond.
  • We hold our fundamental values close. As our cornerstones, they ensure our partnership with you matches and advances your mission.
  • We model our suite of services to meet your association’s specific needs. They scale alongside you — now and into the future.
  • Our free resources are available 24/7. From blogs to training materials to white papers, you and your members enjoy continued growth.
  • We proudly provide a 90-day guarantee. You receive a 50% fees refund — and our help finding another AMC — if our work doesn’t satisfy you within the first 90 days of our partnership.

Most of all, you rest assured in our integrity and our focus on your association’s singularly spectacular results.

Our 90-Day Guarantee

We promise to prove that CM Services is the best association management company (AMC) for your association. If at any time in the first 90 days of partnership you’re not happy with our work, we will refund 50% of your fees and help you find a new AMC.