Trust – The Key to Successful Leadership

By |Published On: February 27, 2012|

I recently read a blog posting by leadership expert Terry Starbucker. In it, Terry describes the steps new leaders need to take to establish (or re-establish) trust with a group of skeptical followers.

I couldn’t agree more that TRUST is the key to successful leadership. Also trust is not something you acquire without a proven track record – you must earn trust by your actions.

His article called “The 12 Ways Great Leaders Built Trust”, is a great reminder to keep building that trust. Here are just some of the advices he shares:

  1. Acknowledge a turnaround isn’t going to happen overnight
  2. Show empathy about the past trust issues
  3. Recognize the value of the work that they perform
  4. Show up more often
  5. Admit that you will make some mistakes along the way, and own up to them

What do you do to establish trust in your company? In your association? In your family?

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