How Do You Know What Your Employees Are Thinking and Doing?

By |Published On: December 4, 2013|

One challenge for any leader is understanding the “pulse” of their organization.  Often times people try to shelter leaders from concerns, issues and bad news.  As a result, leaders can get a false or incomplete sense of what’s going on in their business and the people that works there.

I read a great post today about just this topic.  The author of “Mindreading 101:  The 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Team Every Week” has excellent ideas for how leaders can keep their finger on the pulse of their organization and make their team members feel important and valued at the same time.

What questions do you ask your employees to maintain an understanding of what’s going on in your company? How often do you do it? Please share in the comment section below if you think this has helped your organization.

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