Five Behaviors of Great Leaders

By |Published On: November 6, 2012|

I recently came across an online article about, what else, leadership.

This wasn’t the typical leadership article however. This article focused on the five behaviors great leaders typically have. Instead of focusing on values in these leaders or on actions these leaders commonly take, this article focused on behaviors.

I was very interested in this concept and wasn’t disappointed in the result.  Here is my take on the five behaviors:

1.  Great leaders have control of their emotions and can manage them as well as the emotions of those they lead.  Great leaders know when someone will respond well to a “kick in the pants” and conversely when someone needs encouragement and kindness to motivate them.

2.  Great leaders know where they are strong and where they are weak.  Great leaders surround themselves with people who have strengths where they don’t.

3.  Great leaders are confident, not arrogant.  Arrogance leads to destructive actions.  Confidence is contagious.  Confidence allows leaders to take calculated risks but not to “throw good money after bad”.  A confident leader is able to admit mistakes and take corrective action.  An arrogant leader is not.

4.  Great leaders are optimistic but not blind to challenges.  Great leaders see the good in people and in situations, even during challenging times.  However, great leaders are not blinded by their optimism, they are able to make tough decisions effectively.

5.  Great leaders are not focused on their own personal success.  They are focused on building something greater than any one individual.  As a result, they often leave lasting legacies.

What other behaviors do you see in great leaders?  Since behaviors can be learned or honed, does that mean great leaders can be groomed?

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