Coaching Your Employees

By |Published On: March 15, 2010|

I have four children and have coached many youth sports.  I believe in teamwork and in the special role coaches play in the development and eventual success (or failure) of their team.  When I became president of CM Services I chose to use the title Head Coach because of this belief.

I recently met a former major league baseball player who helps aspiring youth baseball players become better – Jack Perconte.  Jack wasn’t the best major leaguer (very few even make it to the majors) but he is an excellent coach.  He published a book called “The Making of a Hitter”.  The book is definitely going to help my son become a better hitter.  What I didn’t know until I started reading the book myself is that it is going to help me become a better coach – not just a youth sports coach – but the Head Coach of my business.  Here are a few of the keys Jack recognizes to being a good coach – I believe in them.  Do you?

1.  Develop trust among your team

2.  Have patience with your team

3.  Set up a mechanism for your team to practice their skills (training)

4.  Challenge your team to be better (give them goals that are challenging but achievable)

5.  Help your team overcome outside distractions

Let me know if you have other keys to being a successful coach in your business (or on the athletic field).

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