Are You Wired Like a Leader?

By |Published On: April 22, 2013|

I recently read a blog post about a study conducted by the American Psychological Association that apparently indicates there is a commonality among the way the brain’s of leaders are “wired”.

You can read the blog post “Are Leaders Wired Differently?” here.

It’s not hard to recognize that great leaders share certain traits and skills.  We’ve talked about that often in this blog.  However, it’s much more interesting to scientifically prove that leaders share more than traits or skills but also share common brain activies.

Much more research obviously needs to be done to prove this theory.

If it’s true, researchers claim it will help with leadership development and training.  That certainly is positive.

I can’t help but wonder though if one day people will use this concept to identify leaders.  Not to make this blog sound like a George Orwell novel but could you imagine that one day people will take a survey while having their brain activity measured and the results of the “test” will determine their future role and even career?

I think I’d rather have leaders become leaders by actually leading.

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