Are you Harnessing Positive Energy from your Workforce?

By |Published On: March 6, 2012|

Over the last several years leaders of businesses all over the US, and even the world have had to engage their workforce to work harder and work more for less. These are the realities of the economy we all are living and working in.

Perhaps at no time have leaders had as great a challenge as they are now faced with: Engaging employees.

Engaging employees means creating and harnessing their positive energy toward great things for the company. And equally as important reducing or eliminating negative energy that can drag an entire company down.

I recently read and article about the concept of harnessing the positive energy of your workforce. (Click here to read it).

I plan on purchasing the book, “Leading the High Energy Culture”. In a future blog, perhaps I’ll report on what I learn from the book.

Do you have a high energy workforce right now?

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