Are Values Really that Important?

By |Published On: May 24, 2011|

I think great leaders – corporate CEOs, Heads of State, Professional Coaches, Parents have at their very core great values. Any successes these leaders achieve start with the values in which they believe and encourage others to believe in as well.

Think about parenting.  The values parents instill in their children through example, lecture and discipline are often the biggest influence in what kind of adults those children become.

Sure, corporate CEOs need to have sharp minds, great interpersonal skills, business savvy, etc. But all that isn’t enough without strong values. When a CEO establishes values for his/her company and gains the buy-in of the employees, the company achieves greatness.

We believe this so strongly at our company that we have developed core values by which we conduct ourselves. They are:

1. Be trustworthy
2. Commit ourselves to each other, our company and the industries we serve
3. Act responsibly
4. Care about others
5. Grow every day
6. Have fun

What kind of leader are you?  Do you believe values are important to your success?  Share some of the values your company or association have with us through this blog.


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