• The people - every day I get to work with colleagues and client partners who are passionate about their industries and focused on accomplishing great things. It's what gets me out of bed every day.

    When CM had a fully functioning mailroom, I ran it one summer when I was 17 years old.

  • The people! Both CM Employee partners and our volunteer leader partners. Every day is different, which keeps you on your toes. I've made many life-long friendships through this career.

    I played for the USA U-18 and U-20 National soccer teams growing up.

  • Portrait of Catherine Church, Vice President of CM Services

    I find a lot of satisfaction in the type of work we get to do for our association partners every day. We are able to provide great value to our member companies through the work of our associations and by advancing their missions.

    I was the President of my college marching band.

  • The people I work with everyday, CMers and association members and business service providers. They are all passionate about what they do and enjoy setting goals and achieving results. I especially enjoy the variety each day provides.

    My first job out of college, I was a Systems Engineer for IBM.

  • I have always felt our work makes a difference, and I’ve never had a dull day.

    In 1st through 6th grade I attended a one-room country school with 22 students and 8 grades.

  • Portrait of Megan Galeher, Executive Director of CM Services

    Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who have been in the Association Management business for many years and have a lot of knowledge to share.

    As a child I went to circus camp every summer. Lucky for me, many of the skills I learned (such as juggling and riding a unicycle) have stuck with me as an adult.

  • Because there is always something new to learn from colleagues and partner associations, we continually grow as professionals.

  • Portrait of Stacey Woldt, Executive Director of CM Services

    That's easy: People and Variety. The internal collaboration with colleagues and the external connection to members in several locations and industries keeps me on board at CM Services, Inc. We serve multiple association partners on a daily basis and even around the globe.

    I survived "Jane Wayne Day" in the Unites States Marine Corps which is currently known as "A Day in the Life of a Marine."

  • I enjoy that each day is a little different. There's never a dull moment which is exciting and challenging at the same time!

    I can say 'hello' in ten different languages.

  • The opportunity to make a difference in the industries of the associations we serve is a big deal. We do this through advocacy, standards and code development, programs to enhance member company quality. Most important, the people at the associations and CM make every day great.

    I was a Division III All American Springboard Diver, and a Masters National 3 Meter Diving Champion.

  • CM structures association management goals very similar to what we’ve been practicing for almost 25 years – providing the best service to our clients so they can success in their respective missions.

    I enjoy being an amateur gourmet and was featured in the Daily Herald’s Chef of the Week.

  • I enjoy the variety. Everyday is different and we get to work with a number of different people from all walks of life.

    I am an avid University of Illinois & Chicago (Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Sky & Blackhawks) fan. So much so, that my wedding reception was held at the Chicago Sports Museum! I am also a Chicago Cubs Season Ticket holder.

  • CM is very supportive of its employees and the association(s) its employees manage. CM also does a great job at keeping employees connected and informed through technology, trainings, and social gatherings.

    I love to decorate and I enjoy finding new ways to repurpose old items.

  • Client service is what I like to do and this experience has allowed me to interact with a variety of individuals across a variety of needs. Never boring!

    I have moved around a lot as an adult having lived in St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, New York City (twice), New Jersey, Pittsburgh (twice) and now the Western suburbs of Chicago!

  • I love being part of something that is bigger than me. The work we do building and advocating for our industries affects people around the world, and that’s both exciting and incredibly inspiring.

    In my former life, I was a professional stage actor and in a band. Now, the only performing I do is singing in the car.

  • Love juggling the different aspects of Association Management. From the annual conferences, educational programs, to the membership, it’s engaging, fun and never boring.

    I’m double trouble - at least that’s what they used to call my twin sister and me. We prefer double threat... We still get mistaken for each other.

  • I enjoy being on a team where everyone is working together toward the greater good.

    I have worked as a substitute teacher at a school for kids with special needs.

  • My fellow CMers! They are a smart, knowledge and hardworking team that is always available to jump in and assist whenever and with whatever is needed.

    I travel the country with my husband in our RV.

  • Every day is different and keeps you engaged! The Association Management industry is fast-paced and requires you to be a "jack of all trades" with an adaptable mindset. Working at CM gives you so many opportunities to try new things and work with incredible people on a daily basis!

    I love to travel and add unique experiences to my bucket list! Some of my favorite travel experiences so far are: playing with elephants in Bali, Indonesia; holding a koala in Sydney, Australia; riding a camel in Dubai, U.A.E.

  • As the FCICA Association Manager, I manage the AMS and LMS database systems, website, events and marketing - addressing all membership needs to ensure the success of the Flooring Contractors Association and its members.

    I was born in Canada.

  • My passion is producing communications and events that are part of a bigger cause and movement with the amazing team at CM. Every day is different, which keeps you on your toes and always growing!

    I traveled with the Universal Cheer Association Allstars and competitively placed to perform in the London New Years Day Parade held in London, England.

  • CM provides me with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. My colleagues encourage me to take on new and challenging things while the job responsibilities provide me with room to explore my creativity and connect with people from all across the country.

    Before joining the CM family, I worked in the field of education. I have a strong passion for teaching and helping children learn and grow!

  • Collaboration, especially the opportunity to experience directly how different types of associations handle similar needs/problems/plans and learn from all of their work.

    I have lived on all four sides of Chicago, if I count growing up very close to the east side.

  • Working at CM provides me with the ability to collaborate with like-minded professionals who have common goals and want to make a positive impact on the various industries and communities they serve.

    I enjoy trying new adventures. One thing I still enjoy the most is getting out on the open road on my Harley motorcycle and becoming part of the scenery with my husband and groups.

  • I like working at CM because I get to work with wonderful people every day. I enjoy learning about the interesting industries our partners are in and working with them to achieve their goals.

    I am a dual citizen of both the United States and Luxembourg.

  • I enjoy working with all the wonderful staff at CM Services! All of my team members are so kind!

    An interesting fact about me is that I got a degree in theater, and in my free time I enjoy reading and attending plays!

  • The feeling of family; banding together during the good and bad times. Receiving the support when needed.

    I live in the house my grandparents built almost 100 years ago.

  • CM Services is a well run organization that knows how to manage multiple trade associations and produce outcomes that benefit those groups with decades of experience.

    My background is in polymer chemistry and forensics.

  • I enjoy the challenge of learning about new industries and working with a wide range of experts, from scientists and engineers to tile contractors and decorators.

    I live in New Orleans and am part of a carnival krewe called The Merry Antoinettes. We costume like a member of the ill-fated queen’s court and parade the streets of the French Quarter.

  • The people, culture and helping association partners with their design needs.

    I enjoy taking photographs with analog cameras.

  • Enjoy working with everyone here.

    My favorite color is yellow but I usually wear black

  • The people are great, the training is excellent and I love the variety that comes with this position.

    I have one grandpa from Ireland and the other is from Finland.

  • I really enjoy the people I work with. We are a team that supports each other.

    Growing up I went to a school that included K-12 in the same building.